Colonel Tom Eberhardt currently serves as the Corrections Bureau Commander for the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. Colonel Eberhardt is a second generation member of the agency with 26 years of experience in Corrections and holds both a Florida Corrections and Law Enforcement Certification.

Colonel Eberhardt started his career with the Sheriff’s Office in 1993 as a Corrections Deputy who later oversaw Inmate Programs and Bureau Technology. He also was part of the implementation of the CERT Team in 1998 serving as a Team Leader. In 1998, he was promoted to Sergeant and served as a member of the Transition Team working with the county and architect on the design and construction of two Correctional Facilities and an expansion of the existing maximum security jail.

Promoted to Lieutenant in 2003, Colonel Eberhardt was assigned to the Planning and Research Unit as a staff inspector for CALEA compliance. While in this unit, he was instrumental with the implementation and first accreditation process with FCAC. As a certified FCAC inspector, Colonel Eberhardt had the pleasure of conducting assessments on many county correctional facilities and taking note of best practices for possible implementation in Lee County.

In 2007, he was promoted to Captain and commanded the Corrections Services Division which he oversaw the budget process, Corrections Contracts, Statistics/Forecasting, Planning and Research, Inmate Support Unit and Inmate Programs/Education.

Promoted to Major in 2009, Colonel Eberhardt commanded the Ortiz Site operations which included two correctional facilities and several other administrative Divisions and in 2014, he was promoted to Colonel as the Bureau Commander.

Colonel Eberhardt serves on the Florida Sheriff’s Association Executive Advisory Committee and is a Certified Jail Manager through the American Jail Association Commission and has written several articles for the Corrections Today Magazine.

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